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Milo Yiannapolous

Milo is a brave, smart and funny guy. Sometimes he is a little too brave and not quite funny enough, and does outlandish things that I can’t really condone (like sending Ben Shapiro a picture of a black kid the day his first child was born, indicating he’s a cuck and his wife was banging a black guy). But he tells what he thinks to be is the truth, no matter how incorrect or considered offensive it might be, and I admire him for that reason at the very least. As well as the fact that he’s one of the most fashionable public political figures, like, ever.

He hasn’t stepped down or even toned down his act since facing massive protests at his public events, being banned from Twitter (for simply making fun of a celebrity’s looks, I might add), horrible slander and accusations of being an alt-right neo-nazi (this particular statement is especially egregious, considering he’s half Jewish and married to a black man). He just plans on continuing to be his gay and provocative self, and that courage is something the Internet can really handle right now.

Also worth noting – Milo is a top-notch critic of Islam. He knows the workings of the religion very well and can take on anybody on the subject. I hope he writes a book on the subject soon.


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