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Steven Crowder

Crowder’s a hard dude. Not many people could do what he’s been doing for these last few years. Outta Canada, like us at The Thinker’s Right, there’s near no one near us with similar opinions. To be an American-style Conservative in Canada is like saying your a Nazi  – which is the popular and faulty rhetoric the radical Left attributes to most Whitelist members. His ‘Change My Mind’ segments are what we need today to maintain a healthy society, as well as the reason why everyone wants to shut the man and his team down. The ghosts of the screens fog up everywhere he goes but he’s so goddamn funny he’s still making it. For now.

His show is at least twice as funny as Seth Meyers and he will never get a development deal. What are we talkin’? Straight up Mohammed (Praise Be Unto Him) call out lists. Standing outside the White House with a sign that says “Trump is not a Fascist”. Confronting those who actively call for car bomb threats. He’s a general in the culture war.

Almost anyone on ISIS’ kill list is a friend of ours. 

-Senior Editor S.

I would totally fuck Steven Crowder.

-Senior Editor A.




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