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The Graylist

The Whitelist, the Graylist and the Blacklist are a quick overview of many of today’s prominent and influential speakers. This list does not contain politicians, only public figures. Linked to the speaker’s name is a description of why we fit them into this category.

This list consists of individuals whose views we like, or at least, don’t dislike, but who have disqualified themselves from the Whitelist with dishonesty and behaviour we do not condone, or large differences to our own beliefs on key issues. Some Graylist members are people we generally disagree with but who have integrity, clear beliefs with consistent logic, and whose opinions we feel deserve respect.

For instance, Sam Harris has vastly differing views from us on the utility and purpose of religion, but we appreciate many of his views on identity politics and intellectual honesty.

Note: Realizing the Graylist lumped together a very wide range of viewpoints – some of these people we like a whole lot more than others. We subdivided it into three smaller categories to more accurately reflect how we feel about these people.

The Graylist

Last updated October 10 2018

The Very Pale, Almost White Graylist

The Gray Graylist

The Dark Graylist


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