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Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell is a genius who rarely comes out of his writing rooms. He has the same powers of subversion and knowledge of all the great figures of the last few centuries, performing the same work to today’s modern intelligentsia as Orwell did to the socialists, communists, and fascists in 30’s and 40’s.

A former Marxist, he turned to the light when the welfare office he worked in rejected his plans to help people rise out of poverty. From there he realized that those he worked for needed people to be poor to keep the state working.

From there, life-changing books like Basic Economics, The Quest For Cosmic Justice, Black Redneck and White Liberals, and Intellectuals And Societies, just to start with, have been gifted to the political discourse. He has taught and continues to teach at the world’s leading universities, including Harvard and Stanford.

Despite the current campus culture he is able to teach without diluting the real history of man with the usual enforced Marxism. He is the most important intellectual of our day next to Jordan Peterson.

Fun fact: He almost played for the LA Dodgers.

-Senior Editor S.



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